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I will design a unique nutrition plan and training programme, depending on your goals and abilities.

You will be supported with regular check-in, proper training videos via the mobile application and also unlimited communication with your coach via email, video and voice call.


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A specific and tailormade programme will support your athletic journey.

Nutrition Plan

Fat Loss or Lean Muscle Mass Gain

Goal specific macronutrient-based diet plan with weekly check-ins and unlimited Email & Whatsapp support.

4-week plan

Training Programme

Home-based or Gym-based 

Mobile App to use personalised programme & weekly check-ins and unlimited Email & WhatsApp support.

4-week plan

Hybrid Coaching

Nutrition & Training Programmes

Combination of the nutrition plan and training programmes together to get the most effective results.

4-week plan

12-week Body Transformation

Unleash Your Potential

Mobile App to use personalised programme & specific macronutrient-based diet plan, reverse diet plan and weekly check-ins.

12-week plan

Contest & Competition Prep

Bodybuilding & Powerlifting

Mobile App to use personalised programme & specific macronutrient-based diet plan, reverse diet plan and peak week plans with daily check-ins.

12-week plan

Fat Loss vs Weight Loss

Body Surge believes fat loss instaed of weight loss!

As Liam is IFBB competitor who has won a few champion titles; will help you to get lean muscle and body you always dreamed it.

Nutrition & Training

Body Surge Hybrid Coaching is the most popular 4-weeks subscription plan that will help you get lean muscle mass and the great body shape.


Competitor Athletes can be rewarded with an hour on Private Coaching session per month worth £150 as a complimentary.

Contest Prep Or Body Transformation

To help you get on track without putting yourself in a stressful time Body Surge will accept 3-instalment option for ease of mind. 

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