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IFBB Master Coach

IFBB Advance Nutrinistist

IFBB Athlete

Sports Therapist

There is no feeling better than being physically fit – except knowing that someone else is healthy and happy because of you!

I am passionate about the fitness, health and wellbeing industry and I am committed to improving the health and wellbeing of individuals.

I am a trained Fitness Coach “personal trainer” with many years of experience in bodybuilding, powerlifting, massage and body treatment industry.

I approach my work with a high level of initiative, reliability, empathy and determination. I am highly skilled!

My professional track record combines the aptitude for incorporating a holistic approach to health and fitness which encompasses both cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength.

My qualifications, high skills, experience and enthusiasm for the industry would make me a valuable coach and body therapist for you.

An Immense



Strength Training

No matter who are you and what is your background; I can make you stronger. 

Mobility & Abilities

My skills and programmes will make you mobile and able to do the movements freely!

Fat Loss

My micronutrition-based diet plan alone will make you leaner but you can get ripped if you add my workout programme into your journey. 

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Fat Loss

Lean Muscle Gain

Bodybuilding Contest Prep

Sports Nutrition

Sports Therapy

I am a highly skilled and experienced fitness coach who can help clients to get leaner (fat loss) while gaining lean muscle mass.

I design unique workout plans and training programmes along with nutrition plan.

Everyone is welcome to be my athlete at any levels and abilities! 

I am also, IFBB athlete who has a few UK National championship titles such a short life of competing.

I started to compete in a Men’s Physique Budbibuilding categories since 27 May 2018.


I can make your dream become a reality!



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